LLC "MIRZACHUL TEKS" (TM "UZDENIM") - a manufacturer of denim fabrics was founded in 2020. Using high-quality domestic raw materials, the plant carries out yarn processing, finishing and sewing products in the garment industry.
The advantage is the presence of our own production for painting and finishing the canvas. This allows you to control and at minimal cost to carry out the critical phase of the production process in Uzbekistan, as well as the closed production chain to finished products.

Our mission

We strive for customer satisfaction through the production of quality products and their sale at affordable prices. We create BRAND VALUES to become leaders in the denim industry.

Based on the principles of customer focus, we introduce new types of products, improve their quality, as well as the level of customer service, using in our activities innovative methods in the production of products, in the field of marketing and sales.

Global Goals:

• Introduction of new types of products;
• Position of the leader in the textile market;
• Improving the quality of manufactured products through the development and modernization of equipment, improvement of customer service;
• Development and effective use of the personnel potential of LLC "MIRZACHUL TEKS" to ensure priority areas of business development;
• Achieving and maintaining high profitability by increasing business efficiency and optimizing costs;
• Creation of favorable conditions for attracting investments by increasing capitalization and maintaining a solid business reputation.

The modern world is changing, and our production is changing with it. By working with sustainable fibers, we reduce our negative impact on the environment. Thanks to our use of new technologies in the production of denim fabrics, the consumption of water, energy and chemicals is reduced.

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